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About Us

The friendship, which started at Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1985, turned into a joint office under the name Legal85 as of January 1, 2020.

As a result of our years of hard work, which constitute our treasure, we envisioned to unite our experiences, under the name Legal85 and we were able to achieve this dream. Which gave us a great joy and pride.

Aside from the efficiency and effectiveness of co-working t and producing solutions within this unification. We have gathered 14 lawyers with 30 years of experience filtered through the experiences they have accumulated in their lives spent in law for 420 years in total.

It is our most important goal to provide legal support and services to local people of our country and foreigners within our areas of expertise.

As the founders of Legal85, we, believe that the option to bring our experiences we have accumulated together, to offer our knowledge to the benefit of both our society.

Legal85, has played a leading part in law with its 30 years of experience, it creates a union of forces by bringing together 14 lawyers and Law Firm working as freelancers under one roof, one office.

We are the unified together; we believe in strength, abundance, love, respect, hope, stability, discipline and control.

Legal85 is an organization that has the capacity to protect the rights of its clients and to carry out all kinds of legal fields with its experienced and dynamic team. In addition to this, we care about the team spirit of solidarity with our colleagues to work together in a professional manner in Turkey.

We have decided to be community oriented rather than approaching singularly.

The seed of knowledge we sowed on 27.07.2019 sprouted and showed itself.

We hope that it will be beneficial to our country and all people.

14 Founding Partners of Legal85